Big Changes!

And finally, if you own your home and have a surplus of space and money, putting some structural changes in place to incorporate a spa is a great indulgence!

I advise choosing the bathroom with the best natural lighting. Whether you spa first thing in the morning as the yellow sun peaks in, at dusk to watch the sky change, or late at night with the white cast of moonlight, natural light allows you to better connect with nature while connecting with yourself.

Then choose a theme.

  • Rustic FarmHouse Spa: A classic clawfoot tub with jacuzzi jets built in, exposed wood, plants, and low chandelier lighting is a great look. This combined with grand treated windows gives a rustic and classic feel to the room. If you have space to incorporate a sauna or steamroom, it’s a great fit for a farm spa.
  • Contemporary Sleek Spa: Bright whites, tempered glass, clean lines and minimal décor is a great sleek look – it evokes the feel of a hotel spa or skincare clinic. Add some white linens and burn a clean linen candle to keep the space free of distractions.
  • Luxury: Bold lines, black accents, and displayed products give a great luxury spa feel. You work hard, you should be able to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Sure, it’s a little ostentatious, but build some smarthome elements into your bathroom, make it your own.
  • Organic Goop-y Spa: You can be both well-off and environmentally conscious. An organic home spa is a great way to indulge at home without guilt. Wicker lighting, house plants, a neutral color palette, and high-end organic products will make your home spa a relaxing AND rejuevenating place to spend your evening after a high stress day.