I’m Considering Becoming a Freelance Salesman

I’ve always been interested in entrepreneurship and wanted to explore the possibility of building a successful business for myself. I enjoy listening to music, reading books, and luxuriating in spas during my free time. But how can one make money without having to work 9-5 hours?

After doing some research, I found a website called I Buy I Review operated by entrepreneur Elliot Berard, who buys and reviews online courses. One of the courses that attracted my interest was Inbound Closer, a program dedicated to helping you become a successful freelance salesman. It also offers advice on sales strategies such as cold calling techniques or negotiating contracts with clients.

First I had to figure out exactly what a freelance salesman is. A freelance salesman is someone who sells goods or services on a commission basis, meaning that they earn their income from sales. This could be in the form of providing advice to clients about which products are best suited for them and then selling those products online.

Examples of freelance salesman clients include:

  • Real Estate Agents who sell houses on behalf of the buyer and seller.
  • Event Planners or DJs that provide services for weddings, bar mitzvahs, etc.
  • IT consultants which offer advice to business owners about how to upgrade their computer systems in order to make them more efficient with less downtime.

After I figured out what a freelance salesman does, the next step was to figure out how they earn their income. A commission is an amount of money that one earns after completing a sale or securing business for another company.

In order to become successful at being a freelancing salesman one needs a variety of skills. For example, you need to learn how to identify potential clients in order to get them on the phone and eventually make an appointment for a sales meeting. You also need to be able to take control of any online interaction with customers which means learning skills such as copywriting or graphic design while picking up basic web development knowledge along the way.

I wondered if it was tough to learn these skills as a newbie and if it was, how to go about learning them. Through my research I learned that the answer is no. Courses like Inbound Closer can help you learn these skills in just a few hours.

It’s really not about how hard it is to learn, but more about what you’re going to get out of the process. One thing I really like about Inbound Closer is that they offer a refund if for some reason after taking the course and applying your skills in real life don’t generate revenue or leads.

I’m convinced now more than ever this may be my way out of the conventional grind. If you’re interested in finding out more about becoming a successful and freelance salesman, check out the reviews of Inbound Closer and other online freelance salesman courses.

Who knows? You may find yourself enjoying a new career.