Sensory Overhaul

If you want to turn your entire bathroom into a spa, but don’t have the means or ownership to do a ground-up renovation, we’ve got you covered there too!

The first step to turning your regular bathroom into a relaxing oasis, is to remove clutter. It’s hard to relax when you’re looking at make-up, hair products, bobby pins, hair ties, and toilet paper strewn about. Find ways to hide your things – under sink organizers, drawer spacers, a hanging over-the-door caddy, and cute baskets are simple, inexpensive ways to keep your space decluttered. It’ll also cut down on your getting-ready time as everything will be in its right space. No need to dig through a cluttered drawer to find chapstick or hairspray.

Make sure that the smellscape in your spa matches your mood. Whether this be with candles or oil diffusers, make sure that you’re incorporating aromatherapy into your batherapy! I suggest an oil diffuser with tea tree and lavender. The tea tree is cleansing and invigorating while the lavender is calming and relaxing. And using an oil diffuser rather than a candle has an automatic on-off function and doesn’t introduce the risk of an open flame.

Now, if you’re able to paint, I suggest going with whatever color palette soothes you – I went with lavender and olive green – and that acts in contrast to the rest of your home. Walking into your spa should be a departure from the stress of the rest of your home and life. There should be a notable change in the “vibe” upon entering the room – smell and color are great ways to do this.

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