Small Space

Sometimes the simplest approach doesn’t involve any structural changes at all. I mention this in our first blog because if what you need is something you can handle on your own, you don’t need our help! This is a great option for renters who can’t make any significant changes to their homes.

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Conair makes a small, easy to use, inexpensive, luxurious jetspa! For just about $50, you can transform your existing bathtub into a relaxing, soothing spa experience. Hang this device over the side of the tub and it’ll create jacuzzi bubbles to wash over you. Customize and adjust the nozzles to hit all the right spots. It has an easy on-off switch and plugs into any regular household outlet. Suction cups hold it in place and it’s small enough to store in a closet or drawer when not in use.

This combined with a bath bomb, some dim lighting, an oil diffuser, and some Sade or Mozart will bring the spa right to you without tools, structural changes, or any life interruptions.

Sometimes, it’s truly better to just think small!